Doctor Strange May Be Appearing In Thor: The Dark World

We’ve talked excitedly about Marvel doing a Doctor Strange movie before, but then we found out 2014 would be dedicated to funny animals from space. Yes, I am still bitter.

Anyway, rumors have started going around that Doctor Strange will be getting his day in the limelight after all: He’ll apparently be playing a huge role in Thor: The Dark World.

It’s still in rumor stage, but it would make sense. Thor is really the only magic hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now (which is why the Eye of Agamatto turned up in the first movie), and Doctor Strange is something Disney has shown interest in making in the past.

The question is largely who would play the good Doctor. Apparently the two leading contenders are Joel Edgerton… and Viggo Mortensen.

Mortensen seems a bit unlikely just because Marvel likes to sign its actors to multi-film contract and he doesn’t need the money. He’s mostly worked with David Cronenberg since Aragorn made him a sex symbol. But who knows? It could happen.

Especially if Disney listens to us and appoints Cronenberg the director, dammit.