‘Doctor Who’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Star Trek’, And More May Anchor A New Mega-Theme Park In England

You don’t typically think of proper and reserved England when you think of splashy theme parks and thrill rides, but thanks to a new alliance between Paramount and the BBC, that’s all going to change, and the result sounds like a mecca for sci-fi fans thanks to the possible inclusion of Doctor Who and Star Trek attractions.

The BBC is to turn shows such as Doctor Who, Top Gear and Sherlock into theme park attractions in a British rival to Disneyland.

BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s commercial arm, has signed a landmark deal with the company behind a £2bn ($3.137 billion US) Paramount Pictures resort planned for Kent.

The London Paramount Entertainment Resort will offer rides based on the Hollywood studio’s blockbuster franchises – Star Trek and Transformers among them – and popular BBC shows.

The possibilities for a Doctor Who attraction are seemingly endless, but some kind of intricate and vast maze within the TARDIS would be an amazing thing.

You like that idea, right? How about this? A Hall of Doctors ala Disney’s animatronic Hall of Presidents? Or an Orphan Black hall of mirrors? Because then it would look like you were clon… right, I’m bad at this.

Luckily, professional ride builders (probably their actual job title) will be in charge of sifting through the vast array of both BBC and Paramount properties to find the right licenses to pursue, but right now, nothing has actually been confirmed by the BBC.

If either a Star Trek or a Transformers attraction does open up, I imagine they will be quite the spectacle. As you may have read earlier when I wrote about the latest Star Wars/Disney theme park news in this rare banner day for theme park happenings, back in the early ’90s the city of Las Vegas almost hosted a full-size replica of the Enterprise, and low and behold, there is an Enterprise in the artist’s rendering for this park. So that’s amazing.

Besides the thrilling possibilities for nerd and geek alike, Business Insider is reporting that this project is also set to create 27,000 jobs. Including one for someone who is willing to walk around all day dressed up as the Monster of Peladon.

Unfortunately, if you want to experience Paramount London for yourself, you’re going to have to wait in a bit of a queue, because the estimates are that 15 million people will make the trek each year to lose their minds at the happiest place on Earth (for nerds) by the park’s 4th year in operation. The 870 acre resort will also host a 5,000 room hotel, though I imagine that a few other hotels will pop up so that the overflow doesn’t flatten the Kent, England bed and breakfast industry.

Via The Telegraph and Business Insider