This Is What It Looks Like When A Tiny Dog Eats An Entire Tube Of Lipstick

We’ve seen some amazing animal videos on the internet. Sometimes, the animal is doing cool tricks. Sometimes, the animal is doing something stupid, but adorable. And sometimes, as in the case of Chloe, above, the animal has done something that’s both stupid and mildly horrifying, like eaten an entire tube of lipstick in a color that Effie Trinket would weep over. What shade is that? And does it look any better on humans than it does on dogs? (Perhaps Chloe was doing her owner a painful favor?)

The video, posted to America’s Funniest Home Videos, isn’t going to win Chloe any Pet of the Year awards (at least not in 2016), but it’s an important reminder to not leave your stuff lying around where your animals could get to it. Of course, Chloe could have done much worse and it’s a true testament to her love of her owner that she didn’t. She just ate the tube of lipstick, man; imagine the damage she could have caused if she’d wiped her face all over everything (something she either chose not to or didn’t have the time to do).

Poor Chloe. All made up and nowhere to go. And shamed on top of it all! Never mind the haters, girl! So what if it’s not your shade? Keep doing you (as soon as a vet clears you as being in good health and you stop pooping violent purple, of course).