This ‘Dog Party’ Went Crazy Viral, And It Just Keeps Getting Better

A series of tweets from Cooper Fleishman went hilariously viral on Thursday evening, in which Cooper’s mom discovers the neighbor’s dogs have found their way to the roof of the house and are having a lovely party. It started with the tweet above, which would be fantastic on its own, but the dog party was just getting started:

Cooper’s mom continues, “I called the house and no one answered. (I was hoping the dogs would jump back in and get the phone). I called the ‘mom’ at work. She’s a school secretary in Rehoboth area. I didn’t want to worry her, but there’s no pleasant way to say ‘your dogs are on the roof.'”

The dog party continued:

As Cooper says, “It just keeps getting better and better” as now there’s also a mom in a van with her teenaged son who are concerned about the dog party.

And, proving that Cooper’s mom has reached peak mom, she then spoke with the dogs and “tried telling them to go back in the window, but they didn’t listen.” A dog party stops for no mom.

But a genius idea was hatched. What if the teenaged boy throws dog treats into the window? Will the dog party move indoors in exchange for a tasty bribe?

Nope. “They were clearly having a party and did not want to go back through the window inside the house.”

They were clearly having a dog party, but their dog-mom has arrived, and the party must come to an end, and doggy regrets must be faced.

And now, Cooper’s mom offers a little backstory. Let’s break down how this dog party kicked off.

Clever girl.

And Twitter is still enjoying the party:

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you have a happy dog party kind of day.

(Via Cooper Fleishman)