Important Breaking News: This Dog Pretends To Play The Saxophone

Full disclosure: This is probably fake fake fakety fake, because the YouTube uploader is shilling a weight loss product in the video description, and the Doberman is not a breed well known for being adept with reed instruments. Full disclosure: We will still post any video of a dog “playing” the saxophone, because we are only human. Who can resist watching Louie the Doberman (pretend to) play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?” And how high would you have to be to say, “I think I’ll teach a Doberman to pretend to play the saxophone?”

This video raises more questions that it answers, like all the most provocative works of art do. What is real? Could I teach a dog to play saxophone? Am I already buying a used saxophone off eBay in a separate tab? So many questions. Much food for thought. Wow.

(Via Reddit)