This German Shepherd Took Out A Skateboarder Who Should’ve Never Trusted A Dog

This skateboarder received more than he expected when he tried aerial tricks while simultaneously teasing a German Shepherd. The first mistake was caging a dog at the top of a half-pipe, and the second was to ride the ramp in a manner of saying “helloooo” to the dog. This clueless guy turned his skate practice into a game for the dog, who was just waiting for the right moment to nab that board. Did the dog mean harm? Hell no, but he did what a dog should be expected to do.

The end result was quite the comeuppance from man’s best friend. No one got hurt, so feel free to have a chuckle at the “thud” this guy emitted when his body landed on the side of the ramp and slid all the way down. The dog was clearly overjoyed to join in the fun, too. He made the guy fall, but this dude should simply be pleased that the dog didn’t leap out of the cage in slo-mo, slide down the ramp using his tail as a makeshift board, and raise his leg over the guy in celebration. Because I guarantee that’s what happened in this dog’s imagination.