Match Made In Fictional Heaven: Don Draper Covers Scotch & Smoke Magazine

Did I mention that we’re officially in Mad Men countdown mode? I think I mentioned that we’re officially in Mad Men countdown mode. Either way, we are, and it’s a good thing, as evidenced by this awesome new original from Jon Defreest and Vulture. I need this fictional magazine that Don Draper was born to cover on my coffee table immediately. The fictional girls who frequent my place will cream when they see it. No one has to know I don’t do one and am ashamed by limited knowledge of the other.

It’s like a light bulb went off in our collective consciousnesses a couple of weeks ago (probably thanks to the Hammster himself) that Mad Men is actually coming back, reminding us how we can’t f’n wait. Year long layoffs will do that to us. Here’s to the continuous flow of tributes and assorted awesomeness over the next two months. Fingers crossed we produce some ourselves.