Don Draper Has Your Hungarian Outgoing Message Needs Covered

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Above image from Sterling Archer Draper Pryce unrelated, but felt necessary. I’m seriously going to have to do a rejoin on the magnificent work those guys are doing sooner rather than later.

On the other side of the jump we have a fun European promo from Sundance Channel featuring audio of Jon Hamm leaving an outgoing message in Hungarian. Mad Men is coming to Paris, Holland, Korea, and even Hungary you see. And I can only assume Hungarians are currently going through the celebrity answering machine message craze that we experienced back in the early 90’s. Ah, simpler times.

As BWE’s Michelle Collins (she of Hungarian descent) points out, Hamm butchers pretty much everything about the language (and affably admits to doing so at the end of the clip), but I’m pretty sure this is Mad Men’s way of telling Europe they’ll fall in love with Don Draper no matter what he does, even if it’s fingerbanging your mom.

Via Best Week Ever

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