Watch Don Jr. Aggressively Eat Ice Cream While Fending Off Questions About Stormy Daniels And Russia

03.12.18 1 year ago

Donald Trump Jr. was in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon to campaign for Republican House candidate Rick Saccone ahead of Tuesday’s special election, where he stopped in Sarris Candies and enjoyed a heaping bowl of ice cream while meeting with constituents. Trump Jr. and Saccone were greeted by members of the media, and it didn’t take long for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to catch the eye of the prodigal son.

When asked he thought about Saccone, Trump gave what seemed like a clearly rehearsed speech about how the candidate will support his father’s initiatives and fight for America, boasting that the GOP tax reform had apparently allowed the sweets company to add new jobs.

As the line of questioning became more pointed however, Trump Jr. seemed to react by aggressively pounding down on his ice cream. “Ahead of the Trump Tower meeting, were you aware the Russians had information in those emails?” Hayes asked.

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