Donald Glover Will Apparently Add Some Color To The Second Season Of 'Girls'

Overheard recently in a “Girls” production meeting…

“Okay people, we’ve been getting a lot of sh*t for the show’s lack of diversity. What are we going to do about it? Louis C.K.’s support just isn’t enough.”

“Maybe one of the girls can get a Mexican cleaning lady?”

“No, shutup. That’s exactly the problem. All the people of color we’ve featured on the show so far have been walking stereotypes.”

“Maybe Hannah Can start boning a black dude?”


“We should get someone really edgy, like that black guy on Community who raps — the one who recently went off on his haters on Twitter — that way no one can ever accuse us of hiring the whitest black person alive.”

“THIS is what I’m talking about people. We’ll have Lena tweet out some photos of him to get the rumor mill churning!”

“Even better, let’s invite some paparazzi to set when he starts work so they can get photos of him and Lena doing scenes together circulating on the web. That way we can say, ‘See, back off…we’ve got a black person.'”

Soooo, yeah, Donald Glover is going to be on the next season of Girls. Or, in the words of the New York Post‘s headline writers, a “black actor” is joining the cast for the second season.

Never change, NYP.