Yes, It Finally Happened, Donald Trump Made A 69 Joke On Twitter And People Are Losing It

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It’s one of the internet’s most tried and true and dependently amusing memes: responding to the number 69 with “nice.” (If you don’t know why, consult your local Urban Dictionary.) As in, “Did you see that Now That’s What I Call Music! 69 debuted at number 32 on the Billboard 200?” “Nice.” Or, back in 2016, when Barack Obama tweeted a graphic noting that 69 percent of “Americans want the Senate to hold hearings and vote on Judge Garland,” guess what the top reply was? Speaking of presidents and the nicest number between 68 and 70…

“The Gallup Poll just announced that 69% of our great citizens expect their finances to improve next year, a 16 year high,” tweeted Donald Trump, adding, “Nice!” When a 72-year-old politician is (maybe?) making 69 jokes (“How do you do, fellow meme lovers?“), “nice” is no longer nice — it’s canceled.

Because it’s important to know your history: the first known instance of 69/nice on Twitter was in September 2007, when user Filip Bunkens “congratulated himself about his new follower count.” He told the Daily Dot, “I’m quite astonished that replying nice to 69 has become a trend.” Now here we are, 12 years later, and the president is continuing what Bunkens started. How… nice?

(Via the Daily Dot)

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