People Are Replacing Calvin With Donald Trump In ‘Calvin And Hobbes’ Strips And It’s Terrifyingly Accurate

Calvin, the protagonist in Bill Watterson’s beloved comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, is a 6-year-old boy prone to irrational outbursts, delusions of grandeur, and the occasional whimsy of taking over the world. Donald Trump the real-estate mogul, former reality-television star, and current presidential candidate, is also prone to irrational outbursts, delusions of grandeur, and… I guess you can see where we’re going with this, here.

At some point, some brilliant person happened to notice the similarities between the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States and a frigging fictional 6-year-old child, and the subreddit r/DonaldandHobbes was born. The conceit is fairly simple: contributors superimpose The Donald’s head over Calvin’s head in Calvin and Hobbes strips, and viola! Satire is born. Super really depressing and terrifyingly accurate satire, but satire nonetheless.

The sub sadly hasn’t been updated too much recently, since the rest of internet is only recently stumbling upon it, but here are some of our favorites. It’s okay to laugh through the tears.

So far I haven’t come across any featuring Hillary Clinton as Susie Derkins, which is just a damn shame. Get on it, internet.

(H/T, James McLeod)

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