This Garbage Can That Looks Like Donald Trump Is The Internet’s Newest (And Stinkiest) Meme

Sometime around Inauguration Day, you may have seen the above image floating around social media, where it went viral due to the fact that it’s a garbage can with a box sitting in it that appears to look like Donald Trump. It’s that simple, really: garbage can + Trump = internet gold. Pretty much the only reason it even went viral is because no one found a rotting pumpkin or pile of dog crap that looked like Donald Trump, first.

The image actually dates back to at least 2014, as you can see in the above imgur post, where it was used to make some sort of Minecraft community reference. Buzzfeed later used it in a listicle of “22 faces that perfectly capture the struggle of trying to stay sober.” But now that the Trump connection has been made there’s no going back, and internet jokesters took it one step further today by uploading it to Reddit for a good old fashioned Photoshop Battle.

As you can see below, Redditors made spoofs off of everything from The Lego Movie to Dire Straights’ “Money For Nothing” video to Danbo the Amazon box robot and more.

But we’ll start off with some of the more obvious connections…

I, for one, welcome Cat Sitting in a Box as my new overlord.

(Via Reddit)