The Internet Is Predictably Freaking Out Over The Release Of Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails

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Well it finally happened. Today, on July 11, 2017, just a scant five months and some change into the Donald Trump’s presidency, we have irrefutable, concrete proof that there was at least some collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. And we know this thanks to none other than Donald Trump Jr. himself, who — just before the New York Times was set to publish a story blowing the lid off of everything — released his own emails, effectively pulling the trigger to his head.

What does this mean? Well Junior’s goose may be cooked, but whether or not his ostensible plan to fall on his own sword to protect daddy will work is unclear for now — although unlikely. Either way, this seems like it could be the beginning of the end and we’re all just trying to process it for now.

This includes the Times reporter who was about to break the story, Jared Yates Sexton, who is having an existential crisis of sorts on Twitter. “Like. I spent hours and days and weeks and months. And his son just, hit tweet,” Sexton wrote. “I tracked down sources. Followed so many dead leads. Labored over this. And then, he just, you know, tweeted out the proof.”

Right there with you, guy. Of course, Sexton isn’t the only one tweeting his bewilderment (and let’s face it, delight), as Twitter is having a damn party over the news. An incredibly surreal party.