Don Jr. Got Emphatically Dunked On By CNN’s Chief Fact Checker After The President’s Son Whined About CNN Being Soft On Biden

Donald Trump Jr. just learned a valuable lesson: never pick a fight with a fact checker. On Tuesday morning, the president’s son attempted to twist the words of CNN’s Daniel Dale in an ill-fated attempt to make it look like the network would go “easy” on incoming president Joe Biden. (Does Don Sr. know his son is out here admitting Biden won the election?) Dale has become a rising star at CNN thanks to his Herculean efforts to fact check Donald Trump over the past four years, which understandably, took up a whole lot of his time. With Trump on his way out, Dale’s plate will be considerably less full, allowing him time to focus on other public officials who deserve their fair share of scrutiny. Junior, however, used this information to falsely accuse Dale and CNN of conspiring against the Republican Party.

“CNN ‘fact checker’ admitting that he’s pivoting from fact checking Biden to focusing on ‘online disinformation,'” Don Jr. tweeted. “AKA CNN code for Republicans who use the internet + ‘congressional leaders’ which will almost undoubtedly = congressional Republicans in practice. So predictable.”

Had Don Jr. actually read the screenshot that he retweeted, he would’ve seen that his words are not an accurate representation of what Dale said. In fact, here’s the full excerpt via The Atlantic:

“It will not be a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week job to fact-check Biden,” he told me. Though he stressed that the same “intensity and rigor” should be applied to the incoming president, the simple reality is that Biden doesn’t lie nearly as often as Trump does. Consequently, Dale hopes to spend more time debunking online disinformation and digging into claims made by congressional leaders.

Of course, Dale has plenty of practice fact checking Trump, so it’s no surprise that he made short work of the president’s son.

“Not at all what I said; no ‘pivot.'” Dale tweeted. “What I said: Since Biden – like every non-Trump Republican in the 2016 field and potential 2024 field! – lies way less frequently than Trump, there’ll be time in the Biden era to *also* fact check others in addition to the president. CNN will rigorously fact check President Biden. It’s just objective and obvious fact that it takes less time to fact check basically everyone in politics than it takes to do Trump, a staggeringly incessant liar. If you choose to call me biased for stating that fact, feel free.”

You can see Dale’s full thread dunking on Don Jr. below:

(Via Daniel Dale on Twitter)