This Student Was In For A Surprise When He Threatened To Smash A Trump Supporter’s Laptop

After discovering that human blobfish Donald Trump used R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” at a rally without the band’s permission, singer Michael Stipe responded, “Go f*ck yourselves, the lot of you — you sad, attention grabbing, power-hungry little men. Do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign.”

That’s certainly one way to show your opposition for Trump. Another, less dignified way: Threaten to smash a “bitch’s computer.”

A tweet from Clifford Durand, a student at St. John’s University, went viral when, after noticing a “Make America Great Again” sticker on a classmate’s laptop, he wrote, “7,000 retweets and I’ll smash this bitch’s computer.” Durand’s friends claim it was a joke, but after his “joke” was retweeted 16,000 times in four hours, the woman pictured, Brianna Algazali, was told about the photo, and she “complained to the school’s public safety office.”

She also confronted Durand.

Several witnesses at the Fresh Meadows campus watched as the heated Trump backer threw her Matcha water on Durand.

“She raised her voice and she threw her drink on him,” a friend of Durand told the Daily News. “He looked like he was in shock. I went towards him to hold him back.” (Via)

Witnesses told the New York Daily News that Durand then “struck” Algazali, a claim his now-deleted tweets back up. “SHE THREW HER STARBUCKS AT ME AFTER CUSSING ME OUT AND SHE GOT SHOVED IN THE NECK,” he wrote.

Winning primaries, classmates throwing tea on classmates, mass hysteria! It’s all coming together for Trump.


(Via NY Daily News)

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