Trump Tried To Claim Biden Is Destroying America — By Using Photos From When He Was President

Donald Trump is like the “things are worse than ever” guy from The Dark Knight, if that guy caused the things to be worse than ever.

Trump pinned the blame for America going down the toilet (his words, not mine — although also probably his words) on President Joe Biden in a new ad campaign. “Under Joe Biden, America Is A Nation In Decline,” one of the ads posted to Facebook reads, along with photos of a burning police car and migrants walking through water. The things is, as noted by Forbes, both of those photos were taken while Trump was president.

[The burning car] photo was taken in Chicago, Illinois on May 30, 2020… The photo was published by outlets like the Daily Mail and AZ Central on May 31, 2020, not long after footage surfaced of police officers killing George Floyd on May 25, 2020. One of the cops placed his knee on Floyd’s neck while the other cops sat by and didn’t do anything to stop the killing.

As for the other picture in the ad (which was viewed most frequently in Florida, Texas, and California), Trump’s implication is that illegal immigrants are storming into America from Mexico, but “the photo actually shows migrants crossing from Mexico to Guatemala.” If only there was a term for this

(Via Forbes)