Donald Trump Tweeted A Photoshopped Image Of Himself As ‘Rocky’ And Everyone Is Laughing

The day before Thanksgiving, all everyone seemed to care about was the leaked Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker script, when the best time to take a leak during Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman was, and filmmaker Werner Herzog’s unabashed love of The Mandalorian‘s “Baby Yoda.” At least, that was until the current President of the United States, former reality television star Donald Trump, shared a disconcerting and silly Photoshopped image of himself on Twitter.

Without comment or followup, Trump posted an edited piece of key art from one of the Rocky films that, though star Sylvester Stallone’s body was still intact, featured his head atop the titular boxer’s frame.

It’s not like he declared war on Norway or anything, but even so, Trump’s latest social media mundanity managed to simultaneously entertain and gross-out most of Twitter on Wednesday morning. Most people who were logged in at the time had jokes, which is usually what happens.

Others took Trump’s latest tweet a bit more seriously than their more joke-oriented counterparts.

And then there were those who, in spite of their better judgment, just couldn’t help themselves and made everything even worse.

Anyways, happy Thanksgiving everybody! Hopefully, you don’t have to mention, look at, or discuss Trump’s Rocky fantasy with your family members at the dinner table on Thursday.