Aging Perv Donald Trump Sure Seems To Be Growing More And More Creepily Obsessed With Spankings With Each Passing Day

The Washington Post published an article this week about people who get off from being humiliated about their politics. A sample quote: “I’m liberal, leftist, and proud, but I really want to be dominated by a conservative.” It’s a good read. Speaking of fetishes, former president Donald Trump is very into spankings. Not the act itself (although who knows!), but the concept itself.

On Tuesday, his campaign released a memo with the express purpose of embarrassing Ron DeSantis. The headline: “KISS OF DEATH: DeSantis Gets Spanked on FOX News and on the Campaign Trail.” Speaking through a spokesperson, Trump called it a “terrible 24 hours for Ron DeSanctimonious as he got thoroughly embarrassed in an interview on FOX News and new polling that shows him getting crushed.” The memo concluded, “The end is near, Ron. The end is near.” Who knew he was a Phoebe Bridgers fan?

Mediaite noted that “Trump’s team has used the ‘spanking’ thing at least four times now, always with DeSantis, who was also the subject of another bonkers memo that featured a sexualized retelling of strife at a DeSantis-aligned SuperPAC.” There’s no spanking involved, but it does include this paragraph:

“With all this talk about Roe fetching objects out of people’s asses, his ascent in DeSanctus World has come to a screeching halt. No longer the wonder boy who would take Ron to new heights, he’s become as stale as wonder bread and thrown out with the trash.”

It always comes back to the butt with this guy, doesn’t it?

(Via Mediaite)