Doritos Says Women Prefer Gaming to Sex?

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Doritos is about to launch a new Facebook game, and decided to commission a survey to…hell, we don’t know, prove people get some sort of animal sexual pleasure from eating Doritos or something. It’s a survey commissioned by a food company: they do this because there’s money left over in the coke budget and they think it’s funny.

Anyway, they discovered that women enjoy online gaming slightly more than sex. If you can call an 14 percentage point difference “slight”: 84% of women enjoy online gaming, and 70% enjoy sex. Sex didn’t even come in second in the survey; taking a bath ran 75% and shopping 71%. So, what we’re learning here is that the sexual partners of Doritos consumers leave something to be desired in the lovemaking arena.

Just as interesting, women and men are online gamers in about equal numbers (roughly fifty percent) and spend an equal amount of time on the Internet gaming (22%). In short, there are way more gamer chicks than we thought. Unless Doritos is counting stuff like Farmville, in which case, crap, we’ve been making sex jokes about our moms.

[ via the chipmunchers at Techland ]

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