Double Fine Raises $400,000 for New Adventure Game!

We were going to tell you that Double Fine was raising money to create a new adventure game. And that maybe you should consider kicking in a few bucks: $15 essentially means you preorder the game.

And you can still do that, but we wouldn’t worry about the game missing out on production: Double Fine hit its funding goal in less than eighteen hours. That’s what happens when you have the two guys who turned out “Monkey Island”, “Grim Fandango”, “Day of the Tentacle”, “The Dig”, and “Full Throttle” under one roof.

We have to admit, though, it’s a bit weird that Double Fine, of all people, can’t find a publisher for a graphic adventure game, especially a digitally distributed one. Adventure games sell well enough that the LucasArts classics have popped up on consoles and are fairly popular on Steam. Furthermore, this is the studio that put out “Costume Quest” and “Stacking”, two games that were critical hits and sold well enough to keep the studio in Twinkies and beer (that’s what game devs eat, right?), and that Warner Brothers is entrusting with Sesame Street. We’re assuming this is a side effect of THQ’s bad year, but sheesh.

Either way, find Tim Shafer’s hilarious pitch video under the jump.

image courtesy Double Fine