Doug Benson’s Awkward Run-In With Anne Heche Makes For An Interesting Podcast Experience

As someone posted on Reddit, the photo above is really all you need to understand how the latest episode of Doug Benson’s podcast turned out. Doug Loves Movies is a fine show that typically features heroic stoner Doug Benson and a series of guests just having a good time while talking movies or other random things that pop up. There are even some Fallon-like games, but they’re usually fueled by alcohol and not by the devil’s charm.

And despite the podcast going out live, it doesn’t usually go off the rails. Chris Evans called Leonard Maltin a “b*tch” during a trivia portion and things still ran pretty smooth, but the same cannot be said for director Onur Tukel. The Applesauce director is the only person to have been thrown off of Benson’s podcast, with two apparently burying the hatchet after the fact and opening the door for the latest episode embedded below. Tukel was apparently drinking and talking out of turn, forcing the host to kick him from the stage and off the podcast.

In the latest episode, recorded on Feb 21st, Tukel was back for his return appearance in order to promote his film Catfight with stars Anne Heche and Sandra Oh. The results were another ejection for Tukel, punctuated with profanity, and an odd encounter with Ann Heche that ended with her being ejected too.

Some in the audience apparently shot videos and took some photos, with some ending up on Instagram, but the chaos is apparent as you listen. From the moment they appear on stage, Tukel and Heche were busting to chat and talk the entire time. This lead to audibly agitated Benson and a few hilarious moments nestled amongst the bedlam:

While it is hard to tell where things went wrong and also hard to tell if this was the plan from the very beginning. There are times Heche seems to be out to defend Tukel after learning of his previous appearance on Doug Loves Movies In the past, but there are also times where she seems to be very confused and desperate to turn things around. It doesn’t work in the end, but Tukel is also claiming that everything was staged on Twitter:

The one thing that is clear from the entire episode is that Sandra Oh is delightful and patient. She sat through the entire thing and still seemed pleased to be involved. Considering how wild the first twenty minutes of the podcast are, she deserves a medal. Judge for yourself below. Is it real or staged? Is Anne Heche still wondering what happened? Will Doug Benson end up trying this for a third time?

Probably not.

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(Via Doug Loves Movies / Reddit )