Benny B.Blonco Is BACK…Sort Of

Say “Myspace” to any Gen-Y kid and you most likely get a screw face in return. Perhaps memories of struggle dating and HTML gone wrong mar the brand’s name. One thing you can’t take away from Myspace is it’s hosting of producers, emerging and known, putting songs out just because. I remember when Just Blaze introduced Kingdom Come initially as a beat for his fans on his page. Black Milk also posted some rare heatrock for fun among other cats.

Then you have the cats who made their name and fame strictly off the site, or in my experience, on Soundcloud. Benny B.Blonco became one of those dudes who had young beatmakers returning their brand new MIDI controllers to Sam Ashes and Guitar Centers nationwide. His effect on heads usually went like this. You’d see a song of his with an unassuming title. Then you’d click play…

…and ended up like this. You’d naturally want to hear more after he destroyed your senses. No one has seen or heard from the guy in three years, though. We hoped for the best and fear the worst in terms of his well-being. I think the Black Illuminati nabbed him in a cell for being too nice and let Ron Browz loose on us. Either way his music stayed with us despite his mysterious disappearance thanks to Error Broadcast.

Random Knocks hosts a stellar collection of Benny’s bangers. What’s more is this release is FREE. Please do your ears a favor and check it out below or via this link. Also spread it around to your homeys. Maybe Benny catches wind of the appreciation across the globe and releases some more new music. At any rate here’s hoping he’s chilling somewhere and just got fed up with this rap stuff…even though we need MORE JAMS from him.