Ducky Smallz x DJ Steph Floss x Meel – Duck Tales Mixtape

02.13.13 6 years ago

Every so often, giving a project a spin from an artist you’ve never heard of is needed. If it’s dope, then it’s the equivalent of finding a $10 bill in your back pocket. If it’s wack, it’s not like you spent money. A low risk, high reward situation, if you will. Such was the exact thought process heading into Ducky Smallz’s Duck Tales.

Earning the co-sign of Cleveland’s Steph Floss and Meel was the initial reason for listening. What did I discover upon clicking play? Well, Ducky Smallz is like the fifth rap name this month that’s either made me laugh, scratch my head or both. The self-proclaimed “Cleveland’s John Gotti” had his moments where I found myself nodding my head in enjoyment (“Bankroll” and “Believe”). Overall, the content teeters on redundant making the decision to further immerse yourself in his music following Duck Tales not an automatic yes. Thankfully, it’s the production which helps keeping things moving forward.

So did I feel like I found a $10 bill in my back pocket? Not exactly. But that’s where you come in and decide for yourself.

Nonetheless, kudos to Ducky on the tape’s title. Duck Tales is one of the more underrated cartoons of the ’90s and Launchpad McQuack was the Pippen to Scrooge McDuck’s Jordan. Don’t debate me on this.

DownloadDucky Smallz x DJ Steph Floss x Meel – Duck Tales Mixtape

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