Da Mafia 6ix – 6ix Commandments Mixtape

Time travel doesn’t exist yet unfortunately, but hitting play on 6ix Commandments will definitely take you back in time to the height of Three 6 Mafia. Minus one member named Juicy J, the crew’s rechristened as Da Mafia 6ix but still as sinister as ever.

It’s nice to know that some things stay constant in this world, and Da Mafia 6ix’s music is one of them. Not only does it sound like their music was pulled out of some time capsule, but it’s dope how artists like Space Ghost Purpp and Yelawolf fit their styles perfectly. Even though I will still refer to them as Three 6 Mafia, I guess that’s on me.

DownloadDa Mafia 6ix – 6ix Commandments