Snapchat’s Latest Victim Is This Drunk College Student Who Hit A Parked Cop Car While Taking Sexy Selfies


If you manage to make it through college without doing at least one really dumb thing, then congratulations: I’m guessing you’re probably not much fun at parties. But there’s typical college hijinks, and then there’s the case of 20-year-old Texas A&M freshman Miranda Kay Rader, who took things to another level Wednesday night by underage drinking, drinking and driving, stripping behind the wheel, taking Snapchat photos to send to her boyfriend, and then crashing into the back of a parking police car half naked.

You know what, I take that back. That’s actually all quite impressive. (Except for the drunk driving part, drunk driving is bad.) According to MySanAntonio:

Bryan Police Officer John Sartell was responding to a disturbance call in the area when he heard “a vehicle braking hard,” and he saw a gray Acura SUV crash into his parked patrol car, the affidavit states. Sartell said he found Rader in the gray Acura, with the airbags deployed, and she was not wearing a shirt.

“I asked her why she was not dressed while driving and she stated that she was taking a Snapchat photo to send to her boyfriend while she was at the red light,” Sartell said in the affidavit, adding that Rader had on an unclasped bra and was attempting to put on a black blouse when the officer approached her vehicle.

Ms. Rader also had an open bottle of wine with her in the car that was “about a quarter of the way full,” which she said she had brought from her friend’s house where she had been drinking before heading back to her dorm. After the officer conducted field sobriety tests, which Rader did not exactly pass with flying colors, she was taken to a local hospital to have her blood drawn and then charged with driving while intoxicated with an open container as well as a citation for being a minor in possession of alcohol possession.

Hopefully this is a lesson learned and she’ll be doing both her drinking and risque selfie taking from someplace other then from behind the wheel, or else this is the only kind of picture anyone is going to see of her:

(Via MySanAntonio)