Watch This Drunk Guy Make A Huge Mistake Sliding Down A NYC Subway Railing

The best part about this YouTube video, which seems to have taken place after some blizzard drinking during the recent Storm Jonas, is that it’s titled “Railing Fun.” Actually no, scratch that — the best part is when the guy launches himself into the air and spectacularly eats it on the urine-soaked floor of a New York City subway; but the title is pretty great, too. While this railing stunt seems like it was most certainly not fun for the participant, at least his buddies enjoyed themselves, laughing through their friend’s misery.

If anyone is wondering, the dude’s other friend writes on Reddit that the worst he suffered was a bump on the head for about a week after, and that his nuts were apparently unharmed in the making of this video. In other words, yes, Railing Fun Guy very much will be able to eventually contribute to the Idiocracifying of our great nation.

(Via Reddit)