Dumb Questions For Cool People: Live From The ‘True Blood’/Playboy Party

I don’t know how it happened, but UPROXX somehow managed to go onto the red carpet for Playboy’s True Blood party during Comic-Con on Saturday and ask famous people dumb questions. Needless to say, we made a total spectacle of ourselves (that stain’s never gonna unstain itself) and aren’t allowed back in California.

Still, it was totally worth it because we got to question Stephen Moyer about erotic fan fiction, William H. Macy about his hair, Ron Jeremy about vampire adult films, and Camilla Luddington about who’s more sexy, Californication‘s Charlie Runkle or True Blood‘s Eric Northman. Also, Janina Gavankar might be the coolest person ever.

Anyway, here are our questions, as well as photos of other celebrities who walked the carpet. Heyyy, RZA.

(All photos via Nadia Chaudhury)

Sexier cast: Californication or True Blood?

Ohhhhhhh, youuuu *threatens me mockingly*

Fine, fine. Eric or Runkle?

Runkle all the way. Charlie Runkle, that’s my answer. You’re welcome, Evan Handler.

If you were written into True Blood, what kind of character would you play?

The aging daddy vampire. The Don Corleone of vampires.

Have you been in any vampire-related films?

We did a film called Sunset Society. Steve-O from Jackass is in it. Lemmy from Motörhead. Dizzy from Guns N’ Roses. Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns. I do a great scene with Steve-O. My favorite line, I’m about to kill this guy and I’m choking him and I’m about to bite him and he goes, “Don’t bite me!” And I go, “I’m not. He’s going to bite you.”

How long have you been working on your magnificent hair?

*Laughs* This is just natural. Interestingly, no matter what hairdressers do to it, it looks just like this.

It goes well with the suit, which I really appreciate.

I almost turned around earlier and went back in to change, but I feel I made the right call.

What’s the best piece of Bill Compton fan fiction you’ve either heard about or read?

It’s a good question. I really don’t know. I know there’s stuff of man-on-man, girl-on-girl, vampire-on-vampire, I know this stuff exists in the fan fiction world, but I haven’t actually read any.

Just in case you’re reading this, Stephen, here you go:

Eric laughed darkly as his hand grabbed Bill’s arm. He didn’t need to force the dark haired vampire into his lap, Bill went willingly. He didn’t need to compel him to offer his neck, Bill leaned his head on Eric’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around the ancient vampire without resistance. He didn’t need to ask, Bill’s whimpered moans were permission enough. (Via)

If you were to pose on the cover of Playgirl, could you describe the look you’d go with?

*Laughs* I can’t, I really can’t.

/runs away

How often do you still sing the O.C. theme song?


Does it ever leave your head?

Well, now that you’ve said it, it’s going to stick there for days.

I’m sorry. I probably ruined the weekend, didn’t I?

You did.

I’ve heard there are a lot of infamous stories about what goes on behind the scenes at True Blood. Any you care to share?

Rutina [Wesley, who plays Tara] just told me one. She’s one of the best dancers that I’ve ever met and she’s obviously just an athletic beast. She was telling me about a future episode where she’s…dancing.

There’s a clip of that in the trailer we saw earlier today.

Great, you saw the trailer. She may or may not be on the pole at some point. And apparently the first move she did was an upside-down, legs apart slide down the pole — and they cut it. And, y’know, there’s a lot of nudity.

I’ll admit it: I was way too f*cking intimidated to ask RZA a dumb question.