‘Dying Light’ Sprints Through Some New Gameplay Footage

Dying Light is essentially Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Island. But it’s also got some pretty interesting aspects to it that make it look unique, if nothing else.

Here’s twelve minutes of gameplay footage. In it you’ll find gameplay switches when the sun sets, free-running, and plenty of short-range melee combat.

There’s a lot of Dead Rising going on in this game, and it seems that, even if you do run across a boss-type enemy, you don’t have to fight it, just run away. The big concern here is… will there be a third-person camera mode? The main problem with platforming in first-person video games is the fact that you can’t see your feet, so you’ve got no idea of how close you are to the edge or whether or not you can make a jump. It looks like you’ve got a lot of neat moves (using zombies as climbing posts is particularly clever) but you still need to be able to use them effectively.

Also, it’d be nice for there to be some clarity about why, exactly, you can’t just hide on a rooftop until the zombies get debuffed by daylight. It looks like they can climb fences and the like, but how far does that go?

Still, the game itself is something different for the zombie genre, and the fact that Techland is making a real effort to do something different is highly appreciated. We’ll see how that works out in 2014.