A Woman Allegedly Flashed Her Breasts And Berated A Flight Attendant While Smoking An E-Cig On A Plane

When faced with a dispute, sometimes you want to throw in the towel and walk away. That’s respectable. Other times, you want to raise a little hell and chain smoke your E-Cig before throwing a soda can at a flight attendant and flashing your chest to your fellow passengers. That’s…a different beast all together.

Recently on a flight from Las Vegas to Hawaii [this must be a generally problematic route] realtor Kristin Sharp made headlines with some pretty unfriendly skies-type behavior. Sharp admits that she had been smoking her electronic cigarette after the flight attendant asked her to stop but denies the claims of fellow passengers that she was “belligerently drunk” and threw a half-empty soda can at a flight attendant. The New York Daily News states that Sharp said, “I’m apologizing that it did happen, but it did not need to get carried to the level that it did. I think he [flight attendant] had a bad day and was taking it out on me with a bad attitude.”

Bad days are one thing, federal charges are another. With recent developments, Sharp, a Hawaiian realtor, may be in more trouble than a few puffs on an E-Cig are worth. When asked about the soda can assault in a recent Hawaii News Now interview, Sharp claims, “That is not true. I didn’t mean to throw it at him. I was trying to hit the trash can that was next to him.” That either speaks to her as a terrible liar or a bad shot.

After being detained by the FBI upon landing in Honolulu, Sharp has since been released. The investigation is ongoing.