An E-Cigarette Explosion Sets A Man’s Pants Ablaze At Grand Central Terminal

11.24.16 1 year ago

Queens resident Otis Gooding is in hospital at the moment as he recovers from a horrifying looking incident involving an exploding e-cigarette.

CNN reports that the 31-year-old Central Cellars employee suffered third-degree burns in the incident which was caught on camera. As illustrated in the associated footage, sparks began flying out of Gooding’s pants pocket while speaking with co-workers. Attempts to remove the malfunctioning device were said to also result in injuries according to Gooding’s legal representation.

“He is in terrible shape,” said attorney Sanford Rubenstein when speaking with CBS New York. “He’s awaiting surgery on Tuesday, a graft surgery for an injury to his right leg; the burn. But more seriously, he’s very worried about his right hand, because that was severely burned, and he’s concerned with the use of his right hand.”

One of Gooding’s co-worker noted to CNN that the device had been customized. John Lee told the cable news network that the modifications were unlike anything he’d seen before.

“I’ve never seen one that has so much power, it’s aftermarket customized so you can change the voltage for high performances,” shared Lee.

The footage of the incident is captivating, shocking and surreal. Reports of e-cigarette related mishaps have also made said footage a touch more familiar than we’d all like.

(Via CNN & CBS New York)

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