EA Wants To Give You Free Games

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03.28.14 20 Comments

Ever wanted to play Dead Space, but you just didn’t have the time? Good news! EA is giving it away for free, with no requirements, but one teeny, tiny catch. Namely, you have to get your free games on Origin. But it may be worth it, in the long run.

Apparently, EA is going to make a habit of this, according to their official web page for the On The House program, because, as they say, they’re gamers too. But realistically, this is probably the start of a larger charm offensive.

It’s hard to think of a company more loathed than EA in gaming. For the third year running, it was in the Consumerist’s Worst Company In America bracket, although it got knocked out in the first round after winning two Golden Poos. Apparently Time Warner Cable finally got crappy enough, and Battlefield 4 wasn’t glitchy enough, to take the win.

But that’s far from the only problem. You don’t have to go very far to find listicles about why people hate EA, including ones from us. And to some degree, it’s deserved: Remember the train wreck that was the SimCity launch?

One suspects this has something to do with EA’s new boss, Andrew Wilson. Working for the most hated company in gaming can’t be fun, and Wilson might want to change that. Hey, giving us free stuff is a good start. Even if we’re never going to stop putting Dennis The Menace next to you in our Photoshops.

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