Everyone Stop And Watch This Golden Eagle Snatch An Unassuming Kid (That May Or May Not Be Real)

(Sung to the tune of “Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits)

I was sitting in the park one day
When I saw an eagle swoop down and I yelled, “Hey”
They pick up every child
They pick up every oblivious kid
With jaded eyes and sharp talons
You think they really care?

Because they’re a goddamn son of a bitch


In other words, watch this video, via Reddit, of a golden eagle gliding down from the sky to the ground, to grab and PICK UP an unassuming child in a park in Montreal. While listening to the Misfits, preferably.

UPDATE: according to Gawker, it’s most likely fake. Among other reasons:

Enhanced versions of the video as well as individual stills appear to reveal several flaws in the creator’s CGI: The eagle’s wing disappears for a brief moment while in flight; the bird’s shadow disappears and reappears at various times; the baby appears to be moving upwards after being dropped by the eagle; and the baby’s ragdoll-like fall suggests the physics are computer-made. (Via)

Can we will it to be real?

(Via Reddit)