Early Panels: Four Comics We're Looking Forward To Tomorrow

Andre of The League writing a space opera, Japanese swordplay, and a unique, sprawling take on superheroics mark three books we can’t wait to read tomorrow.

Aliens Vs. Parker #1
Paul Scheer, who you know from Human Giant, The League, and NTSF:SD:SUV, comes to comics with a book about the crew of a spaceship hauling cargo being dragged into your typical plot of killer extraterrestrials. The difference being, of course, that most of these guys are massive losers, not tough working joes, and hopelessly out of their depth.

Honestly, this book looks hilarious, even if the title promises Donald Westlake’s tough hostile anti-hero fighting Xenomorphs. But this is almost as good.






Nowhere Men #4

We’ve previously talked about how great this book is, and it’s been far too long since a new issue hit the stands.

For those catching up, essentially it’s a cross between Fantastic Four and X-Men, told across a sprawling canvas and set against a backdrop of scientific innovation corrupted by greed and ego. The first two issues were a slow burn, but the third really brought the book’s scale and intent into focus, and if the fourth issue is as funny, thrilling and engaging as the last three, it’ll be your must-buy of the week.






Katana #2

When we reviewed Ann Nocenti’s take on DC’s sword-slinging heroine, we noted that it was a strong launch. Issue #2 has real promise, as the plot gets more detailed, and honestly, as long as Alex Sanchez keeps drawing that gorgeous hand-to-hand combat, we’ll be happy. We’ll have a review of this one tomorrow.








Wolverine #1

Paul Cornell and Alan Davis working on Wolverine? Hell, that’s worth a first issue just for the talent on it alone. Cornell’s plot apparently starts with a hostage situation with Wolvie as the hostage, and goes from there. We’re curious to see what happens, to say the least.








Got another book you’re looking forward to? Hit the full list and let us know.