Early Panels: Three Comics Coming Out March 20th We’re Looking Forward To

The original trenchcoated magic user comes back to the DCU, Judge Dredd, and a pulp adventure top our comics we’re looking forward to this week.

Constantine #1John Constantine gets his new ongoing this week, and it promises to be… interesting. DC choosing to wrap up Hellblazer after three hundred issues (twenty-five years in print, no less) and move Constantine officially back to the DCU was a bit controversial among fans, many of which weren’t happy to see him leave his more adult Vertigo digs for the slightly more mainstream DCU. Nonetheless, he’s been one of the most popular characters in Justice League Dark, and Robert Venditti has stayed on as the writer.

By all accounts, John will be up to his usual tricks, and we’ll be curious to see what the shift in venue brings. We’ll have a full review tomorrow.





Judge Dredd: Year One #1 True, one could argue Dredd is a little better as a character without an origin, but the talent behind this makes the book a compelling one. Namely, Matt Smith, former editor for 2000AD, is writing, with art by The Authority‘s Simon Coleby. Also, any Dredd is good Dredd: IDW has been doing the original series justice and then some with the work it’s been publishing. This too we’ll have a review of tomorrow.







Five Ghosts: The Haunting Of Fabian Gray #1 We admit it: We’re picking up this one based on the concept. Fabian Gray is an adventurer who touches a “dreamstone.” This gives him access to the skill set of five different ghosts.

OK, so it sounds more like the plot setup for a video game than a comic book, but it’s still a compelling setup, and we’re suckers for pulp thrills.






What are you most looking forward to this week? Check out the full list and let us know.