Early Panels: Three Comics I'm Anticipating Tomorrow

While New Yorkers try to be less worried about the flooding and everybody else kind of hopes nothing too bad happens to the Eastern Seaboard, let’s distract them with some comics, shall we? Here’s what I’m looking forward to reading tomorrow.


It’s a huge anthology of horror comics centered around, well, guess. But what sold me was the plot description:

Stories spotlight a space heist on a ghost ship, a spirit who wants to play synthesizer in a techno band, a ghost-for-hire haunting agency and other dark, twisted tales.

I want to read all three of those. Sold.

Joe Kubert Presents #1

Because, really, it’s Joe Kubert. His passing in August was a source of genuine sadness to me, and the fact that this miniseries is offering up some of his final work, ranging from serious stories to a take on Hawkman, is something I want to see just because I miss his work.

Mars Attacks The Holidays

Some books sell on their title alone.

Weigh in in the comments about the book you’re most looking forward to this week, and let’s talk some comics.