The World Needs More 'Eastbound And Downton Abbey'

I’ve been waiting to feel like I’ve finally got a firm grasp on “who” vs. “whom” to give Downton Abbey a try, but I did catch Sunday night’s Eastbound & Down, which was easily my favorite episode since Season One. That probably has something to do with it getting back to Season One roots. I mean, they had me at Ashley Schaeffer dick slaps. It’s still his game, man. Still his game.

The baby’s body rejecting the Pepsi got me to thinking about how much I loved the Tumblr mashup Eastbound and Downton Abbey when I it saw last week, in its absolute infancy. What can I say? The concept of mashing together lines from the crudest, white trashiest show on television with images from a series that chronicles aristocrats in the early 20th century appeals to me. Especially when the name merge is meant to be.

I was a little bummed to find only a few more additions to the collection, but I still love them all so much that I decided to put this together — along with the above shop since everything else is too profanity laden for the home page — in an effort to encourage those behind it to keep up the good work.

“You’re bloody out.” Swoon.

Source: Eastbound and Downton Abbey