Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa Took On John Oliver On Twitter

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02.13.15 2 Comments

This past Sunday, John Oliver encouraged his Last Week Tonight studio audience and everyone at home to tweet insults at Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa. Was the British comedy show host trying to spark an international incident? Maybe, but what he was chiefly interested in was turning the internet’s tables on Correa for his un-statesman-like behavior.

After reviewing several clips of Correa’s show Citizen Link, through which the president sits before an audience publicly ridiculing journalists and social media users who criticize him, Oliver threw a few insults of his own:

“Stop googling yourself. You’re president of Ecuador,” Oliver suggested. “If you are this sensitive, then Twitter and Facebook might not be for you. And, to be honest, being a world leader might not be for you. Unless you can build up your tolerance for personal abuse.” (Via Deadline)

Soon after, the intern running the Last Week Tonight Twitter account chimed in:

Guess what? Not only did Correa acknowledge the thousands (if not millions) of tweets slung against him, he decided to tweet back:

Rough translation: For the moment, some reflections. John Oliver: too much noise for so few nuts. These “talk shows” gringos are more…

Rough translation: …unpleasant than a diuretic, and “English comedian” is little more than an oxymoron. The “wannabes” lack emotion by “teasing”…

Rough translation: …in English. Latin America is proud to have citizens and non-nationals. They are making “famous” those who probably believe that…

Rough translation: …the capital of Ecuador is Kuala Lumpur. They don’t deserve one second of time. Greetings to all.

If that’s what Correa decided to tweet back, there’s no telling what the Ecuadorean president will say during his next episode of Citizen Link in his home country. Too bad no one anywhere else will see it.

(Via DeadlineYouTube, and Twitter)

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