A Rumor About El Chapo Escaping Prison For A Third Time Inspired Some Hilarious Memes

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A rumor began circulating on July 8 that notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman had escaped from prison for a third time. If you’ll recall, the drug lord pulled an elaborate tunnel escape last July. While it doesn’t seem like this latest escape rumor is true, that didn’t stop Twitter from bringing out their best jokes and memes to celebrate the non-occasion.

First, internet sleuths tried to figure out how El Chapo made his daring escape:

This is all unconfirmed, but he may have had help from dank memes and “O sh*t waddup”-ed his way out of prison.

Plenty of folks had theories as to why El Chapo would escape (beyond the whole “not being in prison” thing). The prevailing theory held that the kingpin was coming for presidential candidate and sentient bag of sprouted sweet potatoes Donald Trump, who said he could single-handedly defeat the drug lord.

Though I subscribe to the theory that El Chapo just really wants to hear “First Day Out Tha Feds” in person.

Regardless of whether or not El Chapo actually escaped — and why he might want to — we can all admit that this is going to make one hell of a movie for whoever is smart enough to snag the rights.

And you absolutely cannot knock El Chapo’s hustle.