People Are Sexualizing ‘Thicc’ Elastigirl From ‘Incredibles 2’ Because Of Course They Are

Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios

The Incredibles 2 was finally released last weekend to overwhelmingly positive reviews (you can read ours here), as well as a $180 million box office draw — the all-time biggest opening for an animated film. In the sequel, the Parr family matriarch Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter) takes the center stage in a public relations campaign to improve society’s perception of superheroes, while Mr. Incredible himself is mostly relegated to being a stay-at-home dad (and attempting to control the couple’s infant son Jack-Jack’s budding superpowers).

Hi-jinks ensue, etc., etc., and Elastigirl manages to once again beat the baddie with her family’s help. You could say the film promotes female empowerment, as we’re seeing with so many franchises these days — from Star Wars to comic book movies to television series — but that’s not the, uh, takeaway many people left the theater with.

Searches for “Elastigirl thicc” (see also: “Elastigirl dumb thicc”) skyrocketed after the release of the film, as everybody seemed to have the same observation to make.

New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane took things a step further however, with a sexually charged review of an animated movie for children, thanks in part to the following eyebrow-raising excerpt:

Which bring us to the other event. Take your seat at any early-evening screening of “Incredibles 2” in the coming days, listen carefully, and you may just hear a shifty sound, as of parents squirming awkwardly beside their enraptured offspring. And why, kids? Because Mommy just leaned over to Daddy and whispered, “Is it just me, or does Mrs. Incredible kind of look like Anastasia in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey?’ You know, the girl in the Red Room, with the whips and all?” And Daddy just rested his cooling soda firmly in his lap and, like Mr. Incredible, tried very hard to think of algebra. As for how Daddy will react later on, during the scene in which Helen and the husky-voiced Evelyn unwind and simply talk, woman to woman, I hate to think, but watch out for flying popcorn.

Well that escalated quickly.

Lane’s review unsurprisingly and deservedly soon became the subject of ridicule and ire on Twitter.

Dudes, if you really don’t think you can contain yourselves, maybe just wait for the movie to come out on VOD.