Election Reporter Confuses Will.I.Am With Wyclef Jean, Wale, All Black People

There are plenty of “goofy white guy confuses black guy with other black guy because black people, am I right?” videos out there, but what separates this one — ripped from WSVN ABC 7’s coverage of the election last night — from the casually racist rest is that said white guy messes up not once, but twice. (Alas, not thrice.)

He first refers to as Wyclef Jean, a common mistake that was even referenced in this past Sunday’s episode of The Cleveland Show (don’t ask how I know that, but do look up guest star Kanye West’s polka rap), but the live broadcast doesn’t hit its stride until some tragically unhelpful off-camera aid tells him that it’s Wale.

It’s not. You can actually pinpoint the second when the blood drains from his face. Hilarious!

If producers were smart, they would have told the reporter, “He’s the black Will Smith.”

(Via Clip Nation)