Ellie Reconnects With An Old Friend And Chills At The Mall In ‘The Last Of Us: Left Behind’

It may be 2014, but that doesn’t mean the best game of 2013 is done yet! The first (and possibly only) big chunk of The Last of Us storyline DLC, entitled Left Behind, arrives in a couple weeks and thankfully this DLC looks just a little more upbeat than the main game. Left Behind stars Ellie and her friend Riley who aren’t about to let the whole post-apocalyptic thing keep them from hanging out at the mall. So uh, at least things start out on a non-harrowing note.

You can check out the first three minutes of The Last of Us: Left Behind below.

Here’s some interview snippets with The Last of Us voice cast and developers and a few more bits of gameplay footage…

Soooo, Ellie and Riley are just going to hang out by the Orange Julius waiting to see if any boys they like are around, maybe shoplift some stuff from Hot Topic and then they’ll go home and everything will be okay. Right? Their trip to the mall won’t result in anything horrible or depressing, right?

via Playstation Blog