Elon Musk Shared A Private Photo Of Amber Heard Dressed Up As A Video Game Character, Apparently Without Her Consent

Elon Musk and Amber Heard’s relationship was just as cursed as it sounds.

As revealed in Walter Isaacson’s biography of the guy who ruined Twitter, the pair met on the set of 201 s3’s Danny Trejo-starring Machete Kills but didn’t start dating until years later, following her split from Johnny Depp. Musk’s brother compared Heard to “the Joker,” while the future mother of his oddly-named kids, Grimes, described her as “chaotic evil.” Heard’s assessment of Musk? “I love him very much. Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.”

At one point during their time together, Musk told Heard that she reminded him of Mercy, a character from the video game Overwatch. “So she spent two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play for him,” Isaacson wrote. After this detail went viral, Musk shared a photo of Heard in the Mercy costume on X, apparently without her consent.

Page Six reports:

A source familiar with the situation tells us that the actress “did not give permission to Elon to use the photo,” which was meant to stay “private.” We’re told Heard felt particularly slighted by the move given that “Elon asked her several times to speak to Walter” for the book, which “she did… out of respect for Elon.”

Musk will block anyone who says anything even slightly negative about him on X, but he’ll proudly share a private photo of his ex-girlfriend to his millions of followers. He’s living up to his title as the most “thin-skinned billionaire.”

Heard hasn’t publicly commented on the picture (the Page Six quotes come from “a source”), but Lucie Pohl, the actress who played Mercy in Overwatch, has. “As the real #Mercy I can see the manufacturing defects in this cosplay like it’s a Tesla @elonmusk,” she wrote on X.

(Via Page Six)