Elon Musk Is Making No Secret Of His Plan To Reverse Trump’s ‘Morally Wrong’ Twitter Ban, And Of Course People Have Thoughts

On January 8, 2012, then-President Trump got booted from Twitter after refusing to stop (falsely) claiming that he’d won the 2020 presidential election. In the aftermath, he’s launched the dubious Truth Social platform, which he’s posted on less than a handful of times. It’s safe to assume that he misses tweeting about Diet Coke and “still drink[ing] that garbage,” even though Trump claimed (as mentioned by Elon Musk himself) that he doesn’t want to come back and prefers Truth Social.

Whereas Musk, who’s on the cusp of finalizing his Twitter purchase (for dozens of billions), refuted the claim that Trump pushed him to purchase Twitter in the first place. However, his “free speech abolutism” reputation is staying literal, and while speaking with the Financial Times, Elon revealed that he believes the Trump ban was “morally wrong” (because Musk wants no permanent bans), and he plans to reinstate Trump’s suspended account. As tweeted by Moshe Schwartz, here’s that video capture:

Well, some Biden staffers might be happy about Trump acting “crazy,” but you gotta know that Lauren Boebert is positively ecstatic. She’s already led cheerleading chants after initial word broke of Musk trying to tie down Twitter into his collection of toys before he tossed a cocaine joke in there for good measure.

As expected, people have thoughts about this impending trainwreck.


Will there be a mass Twitter exodus, or are these empty threats. 2022 is full of curveballs and drama, too!