Not Even Donald Trump Is Using His Failing, Rinky Dink Attempt At A Twitter Clone Truth Social

We know that Donald Trump will eat (or at least pose for a picture with) his Trump Tower taco bowls, but did he ever eat a Trump Steak? Did he ever play Trump: The Game? Did he ever take a course at Trump University, ride in Tour de Trump or fly on Trump Shuttle? He reportedly doesn’t drink, so he’s probably never guzzled Trump Vodka. But there’s another product of his we now know he doesn’t use: his Twitter clone Truth Social.

A month has passed since Trump’s contribution to the social media game had a soft launch, and pollster Frank Luntz noticed something (as caught by Raw Story): Trump himself hasn’t posted on it since he bestowed it with its first-ever post.

“Get Ready! Your favorite President will see you soon!” Trump wrote on February 15. Jump over a month to March 21 and he still has yet to follow that one up.

Mind you, there’s not a lot of people on there anyway. When the service went live on February 20 — available only as an iOS app and only in America — it was an instant disaster, plagued with outages, quirks, and difficulties with the sign-up process that still haven’t been resolved. Things don’t appear to have gotten much better, which have reportedly made the former president who now lives in resorts hopping mad.

Truth Social was supposed to be Trump’s take on Twitter, which banned him shortly after his violent supporters stormed the Capitol building, attempting to overturn an election he lost. But not only has it been drowning in technical issues (and sketchy behind-the-scenes allegations), it also has to compete with a sea of other far right social media services, like Gab, Gettr, and Bumble. Is there even room in this realm for the guy who started it all?

Why hasn’t Trump posted? Maybe because it’s a ghost town. Maybe because, as people like Joe Rogan find out when they try one of those “free speech” social media services, it’s deeply unpleasant to be in a place that exclusively attracts maniacs and not everyone else as well.

Of course, one day Truth Social could get its act together. It could finally expand to Android and desktops. Trump himself could start firing off bizarre and alarming tweets like it was 2020 again. Or maybe it will just be yet another Trump failure, one more misfire for a guy who’s lost more than he’s won.

(Via Raw Story)