Emily Ratajkowski’s Met Gala Topless Photos Are About As Much Nudity As Instagram Allows Without Getting Banned

Instagram‘s Community Guidelines expressly ban nudity, other than “photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding.” Nude bodies in paintings and sculptures is acceptable, as well. Model and author Emily Ratajkowski has come close to breaking Instagram’s prudish rules many times — including in a set of photos taken after the Met Gala earlier this week.

Ratajkowski appeared at the gala wearing a “see-through, sparkly, and backless” long-sleeved Versace dress, according to Cosmopolitan, before changing into another barely-there attire for the after-party.

[She] shared some gorgeous photos from the transition on Instagram. And, of course, that involved taking some topless snaps while wrapped in a robe and drinking a dirty martini.

You can see the photos for yourself here.

Back in 2023, Ratajkowski talked to The Verge about the body-shaming harassment she’s faced on Instagram. “I don’t think there’s any real way around it. I definitely think that the IRL version is just so different. The things that people say online, no one, even the nastiest person in fashion, would say in real life,” she said. “It’s what everyone talks about, you’re hiding behind your screen, you think you’re anonymous.”

Ratajkowski has “never been able to relate or empathize with people” who leave nasty or vulgar comments on social media. “And it must be satisfying in some way because so many people partake in it — it’s really sad. It says something bad about people’s mental health and where we are as a culture.”

(Via Cosmopolitan)