Emma D’Arcy Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Them Mentioning Their Favorite Drink: ‘A Negroni Sbagliato With Prosecco’

(House of the Dragon spoilers will be found below.)

Although House of the Dragon viewers were sad to see Milly Alcock depart as the younger Princess Rhaenyra, Emma D’Arcy picked up the role without missing a beat. They’ll guide us through the Targaryen heir’s more challenging years that follow King Viserys I’s confirmation of his daughter as heir to the Iron Throne and the subsequent misunderstanding that will likely usher in the Targaryen civil war.

Aside from all of that conflict and drama (including Prince Daemon letting Vaemond know what it’s like to f*ck around and find out), however, people have been enjoying Emma’s interviews, including a TikTok-ed moment where they rave over their favorite drink, a broken Negroni. To be more specific, Emma refers to this the Italian drink as “a Negroni sbagliato… with Proscetto in it.”

Stanley Tucci, a famed lover of Negronis, would be proud, but more than that, people can’t get over Emma’s utterance of this (some would say dubious) concoction. Fans are positively swooning over the way that the drink rolls off their tongue, and it’s quite charming to see them excitedly add that finishing splash. Heck, even people who find Negronis to be “vile” are enjoying this clip. Let the drooling begin.

HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ airs on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.