‘Ender’s Game’ Deploys Some New Propaganda Posters

As hard as it is to believe, after decades in development hell, Ender’s Game is coming to theaters in November. With Harrison Ford, no less. Needless to say, that means marketing, which means posters, and also introducing non-nerds to the basic concept.

If you’ve avoided a science fiction bookstore your entire life, or just find Orson Scott Card’s real-life antics a wee bit distasteful, Ender’s Game takes place after insectoid aliens called Formics have tried to invade Earth, twice. Humanity has barely survived both invasions, and a third is on the way. To give you an idea how desperate humanity has gotten, in the novels there are nuns recruiting for the military.

As a result, the world’s best and brightest are packed off to military school, specifically Ender Wiggin, who as you might have guessed from Card’s subtlety with names might just be the key to putting these ugly alien monsters in their place. The fact that it’s essentially Harry Potter And the Starship Troopers really makes you wonder why it took Hollywood so long to get on this stick.

Still, you’ve got to explain the concept to people who haven’t read the book, which is where these posters come in.

Didn’t they also blow up this building in Star Trek Into Darkness? Man, visually arresting architecture just can’t catch a break.

Shouldn’t the selling point here be “Live in this sweet-ass space station?” Find us a thirteen-year-old who does not want to live on a space station, and we’ll find you the accountant of the future.

Military recruitment poster, or Daft Punk recruitment poster?

And while we’re at it, the trailer: