An Ex-‘Scrubs’ And ‘Californication’ Writer-Producer Known As ‘Hollywood’s Most Prolific Predator’ Has Been Arrested Again, Charged With 18 Counts Of Sexual Assault

A TV writer and producer accused by dozens of women of sexual misconduct — and who was previously arrested in July — has been arrested again. As per The Wrap, Eric Weinberg, whose credits include Scrubs and Californication, was rounded up for the second time in about two months. And just like the last time, he was able to post a sizeable bail and return to the streets.

Weinberg was the subject of a lengthy and disturbing story by The Hollywood Reporter in September, which dubbed him “Hollywood’s most prolific predator.” They spoke to more than two dozen women who’ve accused Weinberg of misconduct, some of them going back to 2000. They allege that Weinberg would approach them in public spaces — parking lots, grocery stores, cafés — and compliment their appearances. He would rattle off his credits, show off his photography — sometimes explicit — and ask them to come back to his place for a shoot.

Once there, Weinberg would pressure them to remove their clothes, using his placement in the industry as leverage, threatening to destroy their budding careers. Some of them allege that he would engage in sexual activity without getting their consent. Some of the women were underage.

Since at least 2014, multiple alleged victims have contacted law enforcement, but in some cases they either failed to follow up or performed inadequate investigations.

Weinberg’s divorce lawyer has denied the charges. Weinberg’s wife, who has filed for divorce, reportedly proved instrumental in helping draw investigators to his pattern of alleged abuse. The first time he was arrested, in July, Weinberg was charged with 20 counts of sexual assault but, after spending a few days in jail, set free on a $3.2 million bond. This time he was charged with 18 counts of sexual assault and released on a $5 milliom bond.

(Via The Wrap)