This Video Demonstrating Eternal Dog Friendship Will Tear Your Heart To Pieces

Anytime something involving dogs, friendship and heartbreak appears online, my mind immediately goes to Futurama and “Jurassic Bark.” I can’t help it and I am aware that it is tired and played out at this point. But with this example of eternal dog friendship, I have no choice but to make the reference because there is very little that compares to the gut wrenching heartbreak one could feel seeing such a sight. From Gawker:

According to witnesses in China, the white dog was struck and killed by a car on Dec. 22. The dog’s companion refused to leave the body alone in the street, cuddling up next to his friend amidst the heavy traffic. Bystanders placed a stool in front of the pair to avoid another accident and the dog stayed with the body in the road all night, braving freezing cold temperatures to guard his friend.

I’m probably one of the most sour and prickly people that you will meet in life and this was hard for me to watch. The loyal friend stayed by his fallen companion until it was buried by a local restaurant owner, but who wouldn’t expect that given the dedication to that point.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going go to lift some weights and act tough to hide my clear weaknesses. I’m a man! O’Doyle rules!

(Via Gawker / VS2126 )

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